Monday, 29 May 2017

collistar grafite lacca (carisma)

collistar's grafite lacca, from their carisma collection for autumn 2011, is one of my favourite polishes ever. i got it as a present and simply love it!

this is the only collistar polish i own, and the one my friends used to borrow a bit too often. it has a brush similar to opi's, so it works awesome for me. the shade is the most perfect muddy of all times, just the right mixture of beige, taupe, grey with a dash of blue. 

formula is awesome, because everything abut this polish is awesome. i think i will never ever get to it's last drop (and i am approaching that stage) but i will continue preserving it and looking at it for the whole eternity.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

picture polish sky (light shades)

one of my rare 2017 purchases (for now) is actually an ancient picture polish shade, sky, from their light shades collection in 2007.

it is a really special light blue pastel, really resembles the sky but in its a bit murkier mood. the formula is nice, especially for an old pastel, but it needs three coats. nevertheless, they run smoothly so i don't see it as a bother.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

opi honey ryder (bond girls)

i am still on board of the textured polishes bandwagon, and i really love opi's honey ryder from their bond girls collection.

honey ryder, named after the epitomic bond girl played by ursula andress, is a champagne gold shade. it has gold glitter in it, dries superfast and is a definite one coater. i would call it a festive shade, but i love to wear it when i'm in a (typical) all black outfit. 

overcast day:

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

chanel vertigo (les essentials de chanel)

it's about time i showed chanel vertigo, a part of chanel's fall 2012 trio, together with frenzy and suspicios (hitchcock, anyone?)  . 

it is a very complicated shade. it is dark, plummy brownish and greyish at the same time, i am pretty sure it looks different on different skin tones. in addition, it has that typical chanel hidden shimmer, when there is just enough of it for it not to be a creme. it is an elegant shade that i actually wore to my phd defense almost 4 years ago.

formula is decent. i am not a fan of chanel brush, it's too thin for my taste so i kind of stopped buying them lately because of this, but if you are happy with it, it's great. 

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