Thursday, 29 June 2017

essence time for romance (color and go 72)

well, essence time for romance from their original color and go collection, might just be the oldest polish i never swatch in my collection (but i am half afraid that something older may pop out).

i have no idea how this came to happen, because this time i basically used up all the last drops of polish. it appeared in their first color and go edition, somewhere back in 2011, but it made a reappearance in their revamped color and go collection in a new bottle.

it is a wine red jelly base with some rosy hexagonal and tiny glitter. it was well pigmented, the glitter didn't sink and you didn't need to chase it in the bottle. it was a bit gooey and prone to shrinking, as you can see from my tips. nevertheless, it was a very fun polish.

direct sun:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

color club fashion addict (spring 2009)

wow, i have this nail polish for so long, and i have no idea how come i never properly swatched it, so here it goes: fashion addict from color club's spring 2009 collection.

fashion addict is a very cute polish. it is this soft shade of lavender/light purple, with an awesome linear holo effect. it is on the verge of being a crazy holo, bot not quite there. it looks cute in shade as well.

it is nicely saturated polish, doesn't need a water base and i recently started wearing it quite often.

natural light:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

zoya saint (enchanted)

i'm back from my first holiday this season, and i'm starting with the stunning zoya saint from their holiday collection called enchanted.

saint was a love at first promo picture for me. it is such a complex and unusual polish. the base color is a rather sheer periwinkle, with iridescent magenta/pink shimmer. it changes a lot in different types of light. 

the first coat was sheer, but it had a decent coverage after the second one with no need for a third. it is so unusual and somehow soft.

Friday, 9 June 2017

picture polish alice (collaboration shade)

alice is yet another picture polish collaboration shade, this one with rainbow connection stocklist from last year. i guess it should resemble the colour of alice's dress from the alice in wonderland cartoon.

it is a gorgeous, fun, vivid blue crelly filled with my favourite: silver holographic glass flecks. i somehow forgot to order this polish when it first came out, and finally made it right. 

the formula is nice, it dries smoothly and is such a fun and quirky polish.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

chanel provocation (fashion night out 2012)

chanel's provocation originally appeared in their fashion night out collection for 2012 (with infidele, the one that got away for me), but it was  brought back as a part of the permanent line.

it is a gorgeous, gorgeous plum shade. of course, the colour is a bit more complex than that, it has some brown undertones and dries a bit darker than in the bottle.

the first coat is a bit sheer but it builds up nicely with the second one. it a classy but not boring sort of polish.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

new in: january-may 2017

finally, a new in for this year! 

first one was in april, through a blog sale, so i got three picture polishes, eyre, sky and majesty.

they, also i april, i got another picture polish, free and zoya saint.

and a week ago, i got some more picture polishes: glitch, mermaid, arabian, mossy and alice.

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