Sunday, 10 December 2017

update: blog move to

hi all,
maybe you noticed my absence (or maybe not).

i am slightly ocd when it comes to organization, so some of my old swatches bothered me because they are not done in similar way as the new ones. sometimes i was updating the pictures, but it wasn't good enough for me. on top of that, i regretted not having "collection" tag, for my own ease of browsing, or different types of "holo" tags. slowly, i started putting new pictures in the blog i kept on private. the problem with private blogs is that sometimes it doesn't have all the fuctions: clicking on tags would not lead me nowhere and so on, so i decided to put it back to public.  so far, it has been only old swatches, but i will start posting new ones as well. i disabled comments since they usually feel like obligation or other blogs promotion, and i want this to be like a scrapbook and a diary of my collection.

this domain will remain for the time being, but i hope you will follow me to my next address:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

nopi listen to you mom-ager (kardashian kolors)

kardashian kolors was nicole by opi's holiday collection back in 2011. i got a couple of polishes then, but just now got to showing listen to your mom-ager.

i love this polish. it is a royal blue jelly packed with blue, almost foil-like shimmer. even though it is quite old at this point, formula is still spot on. unfortunately, it is a stainer, even though i still get surprised by that when i wear it.

i am sure there are many dupes by now, but i don't have anything like this in my stash (yet!)


Thursday, 9 November 2017

franken polish: she's thunderstorms by shine eye

here i am, with another franken. this one is called she's thunderstorms.

as my method of frankening consist of mixing the last droplets of otherwise emptied polishes, it is not a surprise that they end up being either green-ish or blurple-ish.  all of those also end up being shimmers, with an occasional flakie/(holo) glitter. 

she's thunderstorms is from the blurple range, although leaning more to purple. shimmer ended up being very interesting, giving it some bling. i find the song that inspired  its name (by arctic monkeys, of course) fits it beautifully on so many levels.

Monday, 6 November 2017

picture polish glitch (opulence)

glitch came as an update to picture polish opulence shades in 2015.

it is a kind of christmas-y emerald green jelly, with holo flakies that picture polish is known for. it is slightly lighter in colour than in my pictures, but not by much.

it dries smoothly and has good coverage, despite the jellyness. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

opi the "it" color (mod about brights)

i am obsessed with yellow polishes. i don't care what the undertone is, or if it looks good with my complexion, i just love seeing a good yellow. and opi's (ancient) the "it" colour from mod about brights collection back in 2008 is just perfect.

the "it" colour is a very interesting yellow shade. it is not quite mustard, but not your typical yellow. formula is quite decent and has minimal streaking. 

natural light:

Saturday, 21 October 2017

essie dressed to the nineties (fall 2017)

i am not that into essie polishes as i find their shades to be usually too commercial for me, even though i love their brush. but, i spotted dressed to the nineties from their fall collection and had to go for it.

i had a feeling that this shade would not be as spectacular on the nails as it is in the bottle. in some of the photos, you can see the bottle, and i really wish it looked like that. nevertheless, it's a cool shade. the colour is deep purple/violet, with fine green/blue, almost iridescent shimmer. formula is amazing, it practically flows. if the effect was stronger, i would absolutely adore it!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

ysl blanc arty (street art)

while ysl is still my favourite nail polish brand, i have to sadly admit that my dream of having all of their polishes is disappearing: i missed on vandal orange, for example, from spring 2017 collection street art. but, i did snatch blanc arty.

i do love a good white nail polish, and blanc arty definitely falls in this category. although they tend to have unfriendly consistency, are prone to streaking and difficult to apply, they still look awesome on the nails. blanc arty is one of the best, if not the best, formula-wise.

natural light:

Saturday, 7 October 2017

opi tomorrow never dies (skyfall)

skyfall was probably the last collection from opi that blew me away.  maybe it's because i didn't own billion polishes at that point so it provided me with a lot of interesting shades. one of those was the gorgeous tomorrow never dies.

and tomorrow never dies truly is special. the shade is blurple/indigo, with that gorgeous blue and pink "powdered" shimmer that almost gives that "lit from within" kind of look.

the formula is slightly on the thick side, but good to work with and even though it looks like a stainer, that doesn't happen.


Monday, 2 October 2017

dance legend velvet mini 6

i love dance legend, especially  their holos, but the velvet mini collection was also pretty awesome. i showed number 10 a while ago, and now it's time for number 6.

the shade is an awesome, vivid turquoise blue, a tad more green in real life than in the photos. the finish is satin-type of matte, due to the interesting, tiny silver shimmer. 

even though it's matte, the formula is awesome and it dries very quickly.

natural light:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

dior exquis (holiday 2011)

i was absent due to very unfortunate personal reasons, but the situation is improving and i am trying to go back to my routines. my polish of choice for this occasion is one of my first high end polishes, gorgeous exquis from dior's holiday 2011 collection. other polishes here were or divin, mervielle and apparat (that i wish i owned)

exquis is a very rich and complex shade. it is somewhere between olive green and brown, with a lot of gold shimmer running around. it's one of those edgy but classy polishes.

formula is great, but unfortunately, i got a weirdly cut brush. still workable, though, just making life more difficult.

natural light:

Saturday, 9 September 2017

ysl peace green (boho stone)

peace green is this heaven of a polish from last year's ysl boho stone collection.

i am crazy for polishes with iridescent shimmer. they catch my eye from a mile away, doesn't matter which shade. i don't know what is it about them that i find so mesmerizing, but i do. and peace green isn't just iridescent, it is, indeed, green.

well, to be more accurate, it is a light, aqua-type green, and the shimmer appears pink around the edges under appropriate light. for me it is a must-have must-have. formula is a bit on the thin side, but easy to work with.

natural light:

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

essence julia (nail art twins)

essence is quite known for their toppers, and i own a bunch of them. recently, i laid julia from their ancient nail art twins collection to rest, so here are some of the combinations i made with it.

julia is a clear-based polish with hexagonal and micro glitter of the same, pinkish-purplish shade.

essence julia over china glaze white on white

essence julia over catrice how i matt your mother

essence julia over china glaze frostbite

essence julia over sephora keep me posted

Sunday, 3 September 2017

new in: june, july, august 2017

i am still being a good girl, i believe. along the few last months, i managed to snatch ysl blanc arty and asphalt grey. on that topic, i hate that i couldn't get any of their newer polishes since they don't send them everywhere. annoying. picture polish gala was a present from my bff because she doesn't like how it looks on her.

in august i made a nailland order, and got a bunch of picture polishes: allure, clouds, lime lite, rose and voodoo.

Monday, 28 August 2017

china glaze frostbite (ski)

wow, this polish is old. frostbite comes from a holiday china glaze collection, ski, back in 2007.

frostbite is such an awesome polish that can never look as good in the pictures as in real life. a stunning, cobalt blue, with that crazy "lit from within" type of shimmer. so special and cool.

it is metalic, so visible brush strokes do occur, but nothing too annoying. i am very happy i have it.

natural light:

Thursday, 24 August 2017

picture polish lime light (neon shades)

i am not so much into neons, but i have a soft spot for greens, so i had to take picture polish lime light from their revamped neon shades collection.

lime lite originally appeared in 2013, but got a rebirth in 2016. and i am happy for that! it is an awesome, bright green. formula is very decent for this type of polish, the first coat is a bit sheer but it builds up nicely. there are no bold spots or visible brushstrokes. 

it is such a great summer/beach polish and i got it just in time, before the summer ends!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

picture polish mermaid (collaboration shade)

this august has been busy so i wasn't as regular here as i wanted, but i will try to be more consistent. for today, i chose one of the newest picture polish collaboration shades, mermaid. it was made together with hungarian online shope,

when a polish is called mermaid, it has to be awesome! mermaid is a blue jelly base filled with hex glitter and scattering holo effect. it is very very pretty. dries a bit gritty, but one layer of a top coat was enough for a smooth finish.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

opi teas-y does it (burlesque)

teas-y does it was in opi's burlesque collection for holidays 2010.

it's one of those gorgeous vampy, deep purple shades with some brown undertones (more visible in pictures in the shade). it has a sort of duochrome type of shimmer, predominantly red but turning gold in certain angles.

even though it is old, formula is great with good coverage. definitely a must have, one of those elegant yet edgy polishes.

natural light:

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

dance legend melange 276

dance legend melange 276 appeared when i was out of pure black creme polish for a while. i decided to choose something from dance legend, since i was always happy with their brush and formula.

i ended getting number 276 from their melange collection, not completely black but one of those off blacks that takes an expert eyes to see that it's actually not. as usual, formula is flawless and it's a perfect choice for layering.

Monday, 17 July 2017

gosh ocean (540)

while i'm on the subject of polishes that are hard to capture, say hello to gosh's ocean, that i won on cayca's giveaway ages ago. i almost finished the polish but i'm just now showing it. 

it is one of the polishes that gets mentioned as a close enough dupe for chanel azure. gosh is a danish brand so not so easy to catch, therefore i don't have no idea if it is supposed to be more accessible than the chanel one.

it is a very pretty (mostly) turquoise duochrome, that shifts through many ranges of blue and green, depending on the light. it also has a touch of iridescent effect on it. brushstrokes are there, but not overwhelming. a perfect summer polish!

natural light:

Thursday, 13 July 2017

china glaze long kiss (under the mistletoe)

china glaze's long kiss originally came from under the mistletoe collection for holidays 2008, but made a comeback in their sealed with a kiss collection in 2011.

i really have problems swatching polishes like long kiss, which is why it took it so long for it to appear on the blog. sunshine makes them washed out completely, and the photos are much more faithful in the shade/but not to shady conditions.

nevertheless, it is a berry red metallic polish, pretty and nice, but nothing spectacular in the plethora of similar ones. i got it so long ago and i would probably give it a pass now, especially since my brush preferences lie with the wide ones. that doesn't mean that this polish isn't good, with very decent formula and coverage, just that it doesn't stand out in the sea of deep red shimmers.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

picture polish mossy (collaboration shade)

picture polish mossy is one of the newer collaboration shades, this one with russian instagram blogger  @sasshhaaaa.

mossy is definitely my type of shade: a deep (mossy :)) green crelly, with very dense gold holographic flecks. it is such a stunner, so excuse the overwhelming amount of photos, it's just that it looks awesome both in direct sunlight and in shade.

formula is flawless, so definitely thumbs up from me. 

direct sunlight:

Friday, 7 July 2017

opi unripened (go goth)

it's so weird that so far i only had obscure from opi's go goth collection from 2010 on my blog. today i am showing my favourite from the four, unripened.

unripened is a polish that i regret not having in a big bottle. it is gorgeous, rich black base with teal shimmer. the shimmer is also duochrome, although the shift to pink is much more pronounced in the bottle and almost impossible to capture on nails.

can't really talk about formula, since i have the mini version and the brush always annoys me, but it is an exceptionally pretty polish, i am sad that my bottle is done now.

direct sun:

Thursday, 29 June 2017

essence time for romance (color and go 72)

well, essence time for romance from their original color and go collection, might just be the oldest polish i never swatch in my collection (but i am half afraid that something older may pop out).

i have no idea how this came to happen, because this time i basically used up all the last drops of polish. it appeared in their first color and go edition, somewhere back in 2011, but it made a reappearance in their revamped color and go collection in a new bottle.

it is a wine red jelly base with some rosy hexagonal and tiny glitter. it was well pigmented, the glitter didn't sink and you didn't need to chase it in the bottle. it was a bit gooey and prone to shrinking, as you can see from my tips. nevertheless, it was a very fun polish.

direct sun:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

color club fashion addict (spring 2009)

wow, i have this nail polish for so long, and i have no idea how come i never properly swatched it, so here it goes: fashion addict from color club's spring 2009 collection.

fashion addict is a very cute polish. it is this soft shade of lavender/light purple, with an awesome linear holo effect. it is on the verge of being a crazy holo, bot not quite there. it looks cute in shade as well.

it is nicely saturated polish, doesn't need a water base and i recently started wearing it quite often.

natural light:

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