Sunday, 10 December 2017

update: blog move to

hi all,
maybe you noticed my absence (or maybe not).

i am slightly ocd when it comes to organization, so some of my old swatches bothered me because they are not done in similar way as the new ones. sometimes i was updating the pictures, but it wasn't good enough for me. on top of that, i regretted not having "collection" tag, for my own ease of browsing, or different types of "holo" tags. slowly, i started putting new pictures in the blog i kept on private. the problem with private blogs is that sometimes it doesn't have all the fuctions: clicking on tags would not lead me nowhere and so on, so i decided to put it back to public.  so far, it has been only old swatches, but i will start posting new ones as well. i disabled comments since they usually feel like obligation or other blogs promotion, and i want this to be like a scrapbook and a diary of my collection.

this domain will remain for the time being, but i hope you will follow me to my next address:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

nopi listen to you mom-ager (kardashian kolors)

kardashian kolors was nicole by opi's holiday collection back in 2011. i got a couple of polishes then, but just now got to showing listen to your mom-ager.

i love this polish. it is a royal blue jelly packed with blue, almost foil-like shimmer. even though it is quite old at this point, formula is still spot on. unfortunately, it is a stainer, even though i still get surprised by that when i wear it.

i am sure there are many dupes by now, but i don't have anything like this in my stash (yet!)


Thursday, 9 November 2017

franken polish: she's thunderstorms by shine eye

here i am, with another franken. this one is called she's thunderstorms.

as my method of frankening consist of mixing the last droplets of otherwise emptied polishes, it is not a surprise that they end up being either green-ish or blurple-ish.  all of those also end up being shimmers, with an occasional flakie/(holo) glitter. 

she's thunderstorms is from the blurple range, although leaning more to purple. shimmer ended up being very interesting, giving it some bling. i find the song that inspired  its name (by arctic monkeys, of course) fits it beautifully on so many levels.

Monday, 6 November 2017

picture polish glitch (opulence)

glitch came as an update to picture polish opulence shades in 2015.

it is a kind of christmas-y emerald green jelly, with holo flakies that picture polish is known for. it is slightly lighter in colour than in my pictures, but not by much.

it dries smoothly and has good coverage, despite the jellyness. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

opi the "it" color (mod about brights)

i am obsessed with yellow polishes. i don't care what the undertone is, or if it looks good with my complexion, i just love seeing a good yellow. and opi's (ancient) the "it" colour from mod about brights collection back in 2008 is just perfect.

the "it" colour is a very interesting yellow shade. it is not quite mustard, but not your typical yellow. formula is quite decent and has minimal streaking. 

natural light:

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