Sunday, 20 August 2017

picture polish mermaid (collaboration shade)

this august has been busy so i wasn't as regular here as i wanted, but i will try to be more consistent. for today, i chose one of the newest picture polish collaboration shades, mermaid. it was made together with hungarian online shope,

when a polish is called mermaid, it has to be awesome! mermaid is a blue jelly base filled with hex glitter and scattering holo effect. it is very very pretty. dries a bit gritty, but one layer of a top coat was enough for a smooth finish.

i wore base coat (china glaze strong adhesion) + two coats of polish  + top coat (essence btgnts)


  1. Lep je, pravi letnji. Mada, pošto je šljokičast, može i preko zime dobro da dođe :-)

  2. Divan je, predivan. Na listi mi je od kad se pojavio <3


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