Sunday, 10 December 2017

update: blog move to

hi all,
maybe you noticed my absence (or maybe not).

i am slightly ocd when it comes to organization, so some of my old swatches bothered me because they are not done in similar way as the new ones. sometimes i was updating the pictures, but it wasn't good enough for me. on top of that, i regretted not having "collection" tag, for my own ease of browsing, or different types of "holo" tags. slowly, i started putting new pictures in the blog i kept on private. the problem with private blogs is that sometimes it doesn't have all the fuctions: clicking on tags would not lead me nowhere and so on, so i decided to put it back to public.  so far, it has been only old swatches, but i will start posting new ones as well. i disabled comments since they usually feel like obligation or other blogs promotion, and i want this to be like a scrapbook and a diary of my collection.

this domain will remain for the time being, but i hope you will follow me to my next address:

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