Monday, 3 April 2017

chanel blue rebel (les jeans)

it's been ages since i swatched two out of three chanel polishes from ancient but awesome les jeans collection back in 2011, and it's time i showed blue rebel as well. other two polishes were equally awesome coco blue and blue boy.

this collection was supposed to be jeans inspired, and this polish emulates your basic dark, slightly washed out pair beautifully. it is the darkest blue out of the trio, but still too light to be called navy. more like a deep denim shade. it is awesome, well pigmented and with good formula.

i am sure that by now there are plenty of dupes out there, but i am simply happy i have this one.

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts).


  1. Dobar je. Ovakve plave su baš upečatljive.

  2. Aaaa, predivan je <3 Imam jedan džemper u gotovo identičnoj nijansi, ne skidam ga xD


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