Friday, 21 September 2012

18. theme friday: fuchsia

the 18th theme friday has finished! i am again one day with the collage, but i wasn't around my computer yesterday. the theme was fuchsia (i didn't participate since it's not my color), and from today till next friday the teme is gold!
prođe i 18ti tematski petak. opet kasnim sa pravljenjem kolaža, doduše, samo jedan dan, ali nisam bila pri kompu na poslu juče. tema je bila fuksija/ciklama (nisam učestvovala jer nije moja boja), a od danas do sledećeg petka tema je zlato!


  1. is that all your nails? coz it's really cooolll..

    anyway I'm following you now, hopefully you can follow me back so we can keep in touch :)


    1. hehe, i wish, but no, we have a theme friday on serbian forum :D


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